Warning Signs That Your Brakes Need Services

17 July 2018
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Owning a car requires keeping up with the maintenance it needs. Regular maintenance not only keeps a car running better and longer, but it can also decrease the risks of breaking down or breaking a major component of the car. One type of regular maintenance cars need is brake service. If you are not sure when your car will need brake services, here are some of the warning signs to look for that will help you know when you should bring your car in for brake repairs.

Grinding Sounds

Hearing the sound of something grinding when you apply your brakes is a sure sign that you need brake service at a shop like Heritage Auto Pro. Grinding occurs when parts of the braking system rub together, and this only occurs when the pads on the system are worn out. While brake pads last a long time, they do not last forever. You may not hear the grinding of your brakes very easily unless you have your car windows open while you are stopping. If your pads are bad, a brake repair shop can easily replace them for you.

Screeching Sounds

A second common warning sign of brake problems is screeching sounds when you apply your brakes. Screeching sounds are high-pitched sounds that many braking systems are equipped with. The point of these sounds is to alert you that your brakes need attention. If you hear this sound, it is going off as a safety measure for your benefit, and you should make sure you get your brakes checked quickly. Getting repairs as soon as you hear this sound can help you avoid harming parts of your brake system that are still in good condition.

Brakes Are Not Working Well

Additionally, you can assume that your brakes may need to be serviced if they are not working very well. If you have to push your foot to the floor when trying to stop your car, it is probably because your brakes need some work. Driving with bad brakes is not a good idea, as your brakes are the only thing that stop your vehicle when it is moving, and you should not ignore these types of warning signs.

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, don't delay. Your car probably needs services for the brakes if you are experiencing these signs, and you can get services by contacting a company that offers brake repairs.