If It Ain't Broke, Maintain It! The Importance Of Showing Love To Your Old Car

20 October 2015
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You and your car have been friends for a long time. You remember the day your dad bought it off your uncle...in 1995. Studies have shown that after the economic decline of 2008, people were more inclined to keep their old cars for longer amounts of time. People now keep their cars on average for about 11 years. Keeping an old car can save you a lot of money as long as the car is taken care of. Here are a few things steps you should take to show your car the love: 

  1. Find the manual. Having the manual for your old car is the first step to becoming informed about what your car needs. Even if you won't be doing the work yourself, the manual will give you the know-how you need to understand what the mechanic is telling you. Often times, the manual will also have a maintenance schedule for your car that will help you know what needs to be replaced and when.  
  2. After getting your manual, it's important to focus on the parts of the car that need to be functioning in order to drive safely. Safety should be your first priority. This includes checking your brakes, steering, and tires.  You can check your brakes by taking a look at the brake fluid. If it's dirty and dark it may be time for a new brake system. It's a good rule of thumb to get your brake fluid replaced every two years.  
  3. The next areas of the car you should focus on are ones that will keep you from getting stuck somewhere. Having your engine die on the side of the highway will increase your expenses. It is better to spend a little money to maintain the engine. The cooling system gets really beat up as you drive. The liquids that run through the coolant hoses get very hot and causes the hoses to wear down quickly. Getting the coolant hoses replaced is a good idea. It will keep your engine from dying on a really hot or cold day. Additionally, if the oil in the engine looks too dark, get the oil and the filter replaced. If the oil still looks dark, have a professional clean the oil pan. 
  4. When you inherit an old car, get the water pump replaced. The engine will die quickly if the water pump is not functioning properly. 
  5. Some other tips to keeping your old car in good shape is to fix things as soon as they break. This means that you will need to save up some money so that you have the funds to keep the car repaired. Keeping the car clean on the inside and out will prevent rusting and will keep you feeling good about the car.  

Keeping your car in good condition will not only make your car run longer, it will keep you and the other drivers around you safe. If your car also happens to be a family heirloom, it's important to consistently take the steps necessary to maintain it. For more information, contact companies like Accurate Transmission & Auto Centre Ltd auto repair.